Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing.Do you want to become an affiliate yourself? Are you looking for an interesting affiliate program? Would you like to advertise the casinos and arcades that you have seen on this casino site?
When you do some research about Casino Affiliate Programs, you end up in a jumble of possibilities. Most you learn through trial and error and it is not always easy to find a reliable affiliate partner. That is why you should try out every new partner. Sign up for the affiliate program, place the banners and create a player account yourself after clicking on your own banners.
We refer you in advance to our affiliate partners which we have tested and approved ourselves!

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Wikipedia puts it this way: “Affiliate marketing is a form of internet marketing where advertisers reward their partners (affiliates) for the generated sales or leads (such as memberships – subscriptions) that the affiliate has provided. Affiliates can accomplish this by placing ads from advertisers on their website. If there is a sale or lead from referring customers to the advertisers, the affiliate will receive a fee from the advertiser for this. ”
In short, it means that you, as an Affiliate, are going to advertise, via banners or e-mailings or other methods, for a partner. When a visitor makes a purchase via this advertisement on the website of the Affiliate Partner, you will receive a commission here. At Casino Affiliation Programs you get a part of the revenue share that the player generates during a certain period. This period is often ‘lifetime’ so is not limited, but can be limited to for example 3 years, depending on the affiliate program you subscribe to. Often you can opt for a CPA reimbursement instead of Revenue Share, where you get a certain amount per paid (paying) player. The choice is yours!

Casino Affiliate Programs

Google for a moment and you will soon see that there are a lot of Casino Affiliate Programs. Not easy to make a choice here. In addition, you have to take into account the Belgian legislation because some casino sites are banned and blocked from Belgium.
Affiliate Marketing is about trust. The affiliate partner must be able to win your trust as an “affiliate” so that you give their casino site more visibility. That is why we advise you to test every new partner well. Feel free to place their banner on your website and then create an account yourself after clicking on your banner. Make a deposit, play for a moment and check if this appears correctly in your affiliate account. That way you also get a better understanding of your affiliate partner that you ultimately promote.
Are you not satisfied with the user-friendliness, support, design or the fun of your casino site? Then your site visitors will not be, so you will not earn much from this affiliate partner.
Always read the conditions of the Casino Affiliate Program with which you want to cooperate! With some programs there are so many snakes in the grass, so you ultimately do not have anything left.

One last tip

Do not overload your website with banners, skyscrapers and pop-ups! Trop is too much and so you will create an inverse effect. Instead, try to integrate the banners of your affiliation program into your content. The more natural this seems, the better they will convert.
Also try as much as possible per page to determine which banners or skyscrapers you show and which do not. This requires more work but it is definitely worth it. Banner Management Tools such as “AdRotate” in WordPress can certainly help you manage the banners of your various Casino Affiliate Programs.


Take a look at our website! Take a look at our pages about Online Casinos or Online Arcades and see how we have placed the bannering.
For example, on the page about Online Dice Games we did not work with banners or skyscrapers, but with text links. Ordinary text with a link behind that of course using our tracking code from our affiliate account.
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