casinorankingguide.com warns about the dangers of excessive gambling and (or) Betting.

By placing a Bet, the Bettor confirms that he is familiar with this warning.

casinorankingguide.com fully supports the principles of responsible gambling, in which the Participant of the pair takes responsibility for controlling his activity in Betting in order to avoid possible negative consequences of the occurrence of gambling addiction. The participant of the bet realizes that Betting is a form and kind of entertainment or leisure, and Betting does not serve as a source of earnings. Betting is based solely on the probability of an outcome. This means that the Participant of the bet and casinorankingguide.com they have made the occurrence of their rights and obligations dependent on external circumstances, the occurrence of which is not guaranteed and does not depend on the parties making the Bet.


  • 1. casinorankingguide.com accepts bets on sports competitions (hereinafter referred to as events). All bets are accepted exclusively in accordance with these rules and the laws of the Australia, and are confirmation that the participant of the bet knows these Rules and fully agrees with them.
  • 2. casinorankingguide.com the right to make any changes and additions to the rules, regulations and procedure for making payments set out here without prior personal notification. At the same time, the conditions of previously placed bets remain unchanged, and all subsequent bets are subject to the changed Rules. It is allowed to make changes and additions to the rules by adopting them in a new edition.
  • 3. Registration, deposit opening and betting are allowed to persons who have reached the age of 21 upon presentation of an identity document (passport, identity card), who are fully responsible both for the legality of gambling via the Internet in their region of residence, and for providing information about winnings or losses to the competent authorities of their countries.
  • 4. By registering, the Player gives his consent to his identification casinorankingguide.com and is obliged to provide casinorankingguide.com Personal data, as well as documents confirming the accuracy of Personal Data, including upon request bestspinzone.com fill out and submit the "Know Your Customer" questionnaire and consent to the collection and processing of personal data.

In order to prevent fraud and other conflict situations casinorankingguide.com is obliged to require the client to confirm his identity in order to verify the authenticity of the information provided by the client. When opening an account, clients agree to provide in this case all the necessary documents upon request casinorankingguide.com .

casinorankingguide.com has the right to require the Player to provide documents and information necessary for his identification.

  • 5. In case of detection of fraud related to financial transactions and acceptance of bets, the culprit is brought to justice, up to criminal.
  • 6. Opening and replenishment of the account are made according to the rules of opening and replenishment of the account.
  • 7. The moment of detection (fixation) The moment of the Win is the moment corresponding to the moment of the Player's request for payment of Winnings in the amount of this Win and its actual payment to the Player casinorankingguide.com . Payouts of Winnings are made according to the rules for calculating bets and withdrawing money from the Gaming Account. At the same time, in accordance with the tax legislation of the Australia, the Winnings are the income of the Player subject to taxation, namely, they are subject to individual income tax at the rate of 10% of the Winning amount. Therefore, casinorankingguide.com, performing the duties of a tax agent, calculates, withholds and transfers the amount of tax for the Player from the amount of Winnings when it is actually paid to the Player.
  • 8. The Client is personally responsible for the security of his account and password. casinorankingguide.com guarantees the non-disclosure of the client's data by the company's employees and is not responsible for the consequences caused by the Client's secret data getting to unauthorized persons, except for the norms directly provided for by law.

Any operations confirmed by entering the login / account number and password of the account holder are considered valid and have legal force, while the only restriction on their execution is the current balance of the gaming account. If the loss of this information is suspected, the Client has the right to contact the administration at any time casinorankingguide.com with a request to change the current password.

  • 9. casinorankingguide.com does not bear any responsibility for any damage or losses claimed as incurred as a result of the use of this site or as arising from its content.

This provision applies equally to the use (or misuse) of the content of the site by any person, inability to connect to or use the site, delays in its operation or data transmission, failures in communication lines, any errors, typos or omissions in the content of the site.

  • 10. The rules for sports are priority in relation to the general rules.
  • 11. Despite the fact that casinorankingguide.com makes every effort to ensure that the content of the site is correct, all data on the current course of events are exclusively informative. casinorankingguide.com does not bear any responsibility for possible inaccuracies in the current score of the match or time. The betting network recommends always using alternative sources of information.